Flavor’d Flow Studio is the 1st hip-hop cultural based dance studio in Columbus Ohio. It was created by James Alexander also known as Bboy Osuga. James has been dancing for over 20 years.  He Breakdances (bboys), Pops, and House dances. He started teaching dance in 2000. James has taught all over Columbus. Mr. Alexander has taught at Gym Skills, Luv 2 Danz studio, BalletMet, Columbus Youth Ballet and Charmion Performing art center in Circleville Ohio. He also teaches after-school programs and summer camps all throughout Columbus. James also travels to do workshops all over the Midwest. He runs and organizes a kids crew that travels and competes all over the United States.  Bboy Osuga is part of Shaolin Funk Crew. He still competes with his crew and other bboys and bgirls. James now judges a lot of events and also hosts several events throughout the year.

Flavor’d Flow Studio will provide a multitude of kid and adult classes, community programs and a low cost after-school program. Our goal is for every kid to be able to carry themselves professionally in any situation. Some of the values that will be instilled in each student will be respect, confidence, selflessness, discipline and much more. Some of the things taught other then dance are the importance of foundation, hard work, team work and taking the time to think it through.

Flavor’d Flow Studio will always pass down the history and culture of hip-hop.


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