Kid Breaking classes: (6-12 years old)

Mondays- 6-7pm

Saturdays- 2-3pm


Kids Popping class: (all ages)

Tuesdays- 6-7pm

Advanced breaking classes (all ages, 3+ month experience)

Tuesdays 7-8pm

Guest teacher breaking class: (All ages, 3 month experience)

Different guest teacher each month.

Thursday- 7-8pm

Adult popping class:

Wednesdays- 7-8pm

Adult Breaking class:

Wednesdays- 8-9pm

$10 for the first class of the week

$5 for each additional class of the week

ex. First class Monday is $10 each additional class that week is $5.


Schedule and prices subject to change!!!

All the students will learn:

The history of the dance

The history of Hip-Hop Culture

The foundation and fundamentals of the dance

Techniques for performing and battling (competition)

Kids will also learn valuable life lessons through the dance!